Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pay Day Sticker Free Printable

Welcome back friends. 
Today I am sharing a very useful printable. The PAY DAY printable. 
I know everyone gets excited to mark that date on their calendars, I do. Maybe I should create a photo of a broken piggy bank for the day after payday. ha ha. Bye Bye money, gotta pay those bills. Where's that flying money emoji when you need it? 

I just love the little piggy bank stickers. You may have seen those savings challenges all over Pinterest. These would be good for that. 
I like to use the Dollars and Cents for reminders to write out my tithe for church. I don't like to carry the check book around so this is a great reminder for me to write out that tithe check prior to. 
Then I have created simple banners and drops for those who prefer simpler reminders. 

To print this FREE printable just click the link and it will redirect you to a PDF download. Save the file and print on the desired canvas. I prefer to use Large Shipping Labels because they are cheap and do the trick. Other printable resources are sticker paper or plain printer paper. 


Access your free printable HERE

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What better way to use those pay day stickers but followed by a trip to Target. 
You can find these available in my Printable Etsy shop. 

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