Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Printable Freebie Page Flags

Woah...what a crazy month July has been. I have fallen so behind on all of my goals for the month. We had a family emergency that set us back a little over two weeks. Thankfully we are on the mend and all is returning to normal. But what is "normal" with three kids? Feel me on that one?

Today I have a Planner Freebie for you. Are you obsessed with the Target Dollar Spot just as much as I? It seems that every Target trip I can never find the beloved stationary yumminess that all my other planner friends are finding. Ie: the Page Flags. So out of shoppers frustration, I designed some for my own personal use and decided to share with you.

You can print these on regular paper or sticker paper. That's the beauty in DIY, it is all on your own preference. I personally print most of my items on Avery Shipping labels. Which I find at Walmart for under $5/10pk.

You can download your free printables HERE and HERE

Planner Freebie

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